GPS can now have Masajid and Halal Food Locations

Mosque Locations and Halal Food Instantly Via GPS


Asalaam Aleikum Warahmatullah Wabarakatu,

Brothers, Sisters, Friends,

The biggest news since, I dunno…. NO MORE WONDERING where the nearest Masjid is… NO MORE TRYING to find a halal spot close by.

Alhamdulliah, I have been helping Shahed, the founder of and, to have downloadable GPS coordinates for all the Masajid and Halal Restaurants on the websites, FREE!!!

That’s almost EVERY masjid and halal restaurant in the nation. He still will make a few updates to the format, but a working version is available online. I was only able to test it out with a Garmin, so try with yours and send him comments insha Allah. If you don’t have a GPS, get one.

Spread the word to your friends insha Allah.

Here’s what to do to set yourself free insha Allah and not be worried about where to pray again:

Please read the rest here

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