Halal Lamb Available at Costco

Asalaam alaikum,

I received this in an email and wanted to share it with you.  This information is in response to an email to Imam Dr. Yusuf Kavakci of Richardson, Texas, from Costco lamb supplier.

Thank you for your inquiry.

I can confirm that all of the lamb supplied to Costco Wholesale by the
Australian Lamb Company, Inc is sourced from halal slaughtered animals. The
lambs are handled in a humane manner, are presents towards Mecca as a prayer
is recited by a Muslim slaughter man who ensures only a single cut with a
very sharp knife is needed. Subsequently, the product is certified halal.
The master cartons that Costco receives do have a Muslim Kill legend on
them. The individual packages do not carry the mark yet, but they will in
the future.

You can consume these products with confidence. Please let your friends and
family know that our lamb products meet the needs of the Muslim community.

Thank you very much for your patronage!

Marybeth Laleman
Australian Lamb Company, Inc.


9 thoughts on “Halal Lamb Available at Costco

  1. If meat is halal. Do you have any mark on the product which says halal or any logo of Halal.

    We see halal logo on the halal products and Kosher logo on cookies or bread.

    This will make us confidence that we can eat.


  2. In her email Marybeth Laleman says:

    The master cartons that Costco receives do have a Muslim Kill legend on
    them. The individual packages do not carry the mark yet, but they will in
    the future.

    So, I guess they are working on it, you can contact Australian Lamb’s representatives at:

    Another brother has blogged about it in greater detail at:

  3. This story gets picked up by ‘The Muslim Link’ paper (of VA/DC/MD). They did a detail report on it. The report explained that only the leg and rack of lamb is Halal in Costco. It also said that many grocery chains buy lamb from the Australian company but they cut the meat up and package it again rendering the meat NOT halal anymore because the machines that cut the meat may also handle pork.


  4. The rack of lamb and the boneless leg of lamb at costco is now marked with the halal logo. This lamb is well trimmed (not much fat) and the quality is top of the line. This lamb does not smell like the once you buy at the halal stores.
    I highly recommend ry this lamb to everybody. Try it.
    These halal marked lamb is available in the bay area costco stores.San Leandro has it.

  5. GO to Restaurant Depot, if you can. All you need is a resale license. For example convenience store, restaurant, caterer, etc…check and see they have halal lamb, goat, beef, chicken, turkey in season, ground beef, lunch meat. Alhamduillilah. We only buy our beef from there- it tastes delicious!

  6. asalam alikum, it is important to distigush between halal and haram,as all uma knows, alhamdu lallah, based on sharia law. logo , marks and particular indivadual or organization who are not present at the time of zabhi, can not and shuld not mark food items halal or haram.
    Is there a muslim out there who actively particepits in the rituals of zabhi, for
    a non muslim company, please share your anfo with the rest of the uma.
    remember sharia law , who can be witnesed,shahed,.
    jazaka lahu kher

  7. Restaurant Depot is not Halal. They stun the chickens and they are slaughtered by machines. There is no Human slaughtering it.

    Just because they show Halal certificate does not mean the meat is Halal.

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