Silent Dawah

Invest in your akhirah !

Here is an opportunity to help our deaf brothers and sisters learn the deen. is a new website set up to do just that.

“ has partnered up with Al-Qasas, the Muslim Transcription Society, in a sincere attempt to make Islamic audio and video more Deaf-friendly, God-willing.”

Here are the projects you can join:

Project:  Learn to Sign

“If you don’t know any sign language, or are very rusty, then this is the project for you.”

Project:  Reach out ‘n Sign

“If you’ve grasped the basics of sign, and want to either improve your language skills, and/or put them into practise, then this is the project for you.”

Project:  Sign Islam

“If you want to help improve the status of Islamic education for the Deaf, then this is the project for you.”

And this is also‘s latest drive, the “Silent Dawah Drive“.

What: Convey the message of Islam to your hearing impaired brothers and sisters

Why: The messenger of Allah (peace and prayer be upon him) was sent as a mercy for all humanity, those who can hear and those who cannot

DateDrive Goal: Enroll 35 members to be part of Project Sign Islam

What’s in it for you: Rewards from Allah for leading others to goodness, in-sha-Allah

Who: Anyone who can listen to English lectures and type in English. No experience needed, you will get trained by Al-Qasas, an online transcription society devoted to transcribing Islamic lectures for the benefit of others.

Action: Join the team, invite someone to join, or simply fill this survey

How:Please post in a comment that you want to join the transcription team

Deadline: Aug, 19, 2008

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